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About Fund

When Russia invaded Ukraine, most of us decided to help. Everyone helped individually as much as they could to the best of their abilities. As time passed, the group of volunteers met more and more often in the same places – at the border or in humanitarian aid centers. Not knowing when,
we started working in small informal groups. It was easier that way. In this way, the need to systematize and formalize the provided assistance was generated. Now, as the Foundation for the Development of Ukraine, we are operating much more effectively. Thanks to this, we can deliver dedicated help directly to the war front. We provide equipment for field hospitals, first aid kits for fighting soldiers and other tactical equipment. The experience that we gain quickly allows us to operate efficiently in a war-torn country. It was the personal contact with fighting soldiers
and frontline doctors that allowed us to dedicate the help we provide, fulfiling their real needs.
We specialize in bringing help to extremely dangerous places. We even reach the occupied territories with help for the citizens of Ukraine. We are doing our best to hasten the end of this war
and mitigate its catastrophic consequences on an ongoing basis. We help both the fighting Ukraine
and its citizens fleeing the war. We organize transports of refugees, we help them in every field they need this help. We take care of many families, we help them complete all the legal formalities,
find work and accommodation, we provide them with all the livelihoods they need. For the families in need in Poland, we provide medical equipment (glucometers, pulse oximeters, blood pressure monitors, fetal heart rate monitors, ECG devices), orthopaedic supplies (standing devices, wheelchairs). We comprehensively care for families with disabilities that make it impossible to function independently after resettlement. We organize vocational courses, training sessions and Polish learning courses (currently 36 groups) for refugees staying in Poland.
We help in every possible way.
It is a must.