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Tradition and Future Foundation

According to the situation in Ukraine and also brutal and unprecedented Russian attack, offering the disinterested help to the Ukrainian soldiers and civilians is our responsibility and moral duty.
People who are dying because of bombing and shooting they are vulnerable and have not the opportunity to protect themselves.
Brave Ukrainian soldiers are fighting for their freedom and their country.
Russian offence is directed at the civil objects: buildings, schools and hospitals. Thousands of people, women and children, are deprived of the medical care.
As a society, day by day we are informed about the horror of the war. Our duty is to organize the necessary help and give it to all the people who need it.
We should give our support not only to the refugees staying in Poland but also to all the people still living and located in Ukraine. We should provide their need for a medical care in particular.
Many of the Ukrainian hospitals and clinics have been completely destroyed. That is why the idea of the transportable field hospitals is necessary.
The whole free world with its democratic values should get involved in this process.
That is why the Tradition and Future Foundation in association with The Foundation of the Development of Ukraine is ready to make an agreement and support the idea of the transportable field hospitals together.
Our main purpose is to provide the access to healthcare and medical treatment for every single woman, child and soldier in Ukraine.